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Weblog Handbook Review

» There's a new review of The Weblog Handbook online by blogger Tom Morris. He uses the review as a springboard for reflections on Britain, America, and the dreams people dream about technology.

Other blog books will tell you how to set yourself up with a Blogger account and teach you exactly what a Trackback is. If you'd bought a book about writing, and it spent the first chapter explaining to you what a pen was and how to use one, then went on to tell you that when you write you start at the left side of the page and progressed to the right hand side, then moved down to the next line, you'd feel a bit, well, swindled. ...
Instead, Blood covers the real hows and whys of blogging - the real big proper questions like 'where the hell am I going to find time to write all this shit?' (a rather rough paraphrase) and 'why, oh, why am I doing this?' and the suchlike.

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