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.: July 2006 --> Amsterdam Laundromats

Amsterdam Laundromats

» Note to self: Amsterdam Wasserettes.

Wassalon ESO
Frans Halsstraat 83

Wash & Mail
Amstel 30

 [ 07.17.06 ]


My spies tell me that the FBI have an interested in this message. Time for the false-bottomed coffin.

Are you planning a visit, Rebecca? Of course you can look for an Amsterdam wasserette with wifi, but why not use our very pleasant Dutch wash&fold service? Almost every wasserette or laundrette can help you out with that. Drop it off in the morning, (colors separated from whites), and some hours later (sometimes within an hour) you can pick it up again. Just for a few euro's more than the do it yourself act. In between you can enjoy our real trendy internet cafes or Rembrandt (be prepared for an overdosis Rembrandt!)(the guy is all over the place!!)(they probably will wash your things in Rembrandt Detergent!!!)

I've been there twice in the past 6 months and each time I needed to do laundry. The first trip, we wandered around for days looking for a laundromat—we even tried to look it up on the Web!—and finally found one a few blocks down from our hotel. And yes, we did avail ourselves of the wash & fold service.

I just decided to make a note of the addresses here so I could throw away the adverts I picked up from each place, and that I've been diligently saving....



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