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.: July 2006 --> Foodies and their annoying affectations

Foodies and their annoying affectations

» Don't miss this hilariously snarky article about foodies and their affectations. When I first joined Orkut, I joined a couple of groups that were centered around food (cheese, I think, and artisian breads, and something else I was hoping to learn about). I un-joined just 24 hours later, unimpressed with the level of posturing that pervaded all of them. (via mn)
 [ 07.24.06 ]

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Hilarious. But it looks to me as if the Brits are pulling ahead of us in the snobbery department -- bespoke knives? Molecular gastronomy? I've heard vaguely of these things but wonder how many people are doing either of them in the Bay area at the moment?

Then again, I got off the pretentious foodie bandwagon in about 1995, while working at a large California culinary school. I had never wanted to be pretentious of course, but working amongst 700 student chefs and their teachers for three years really got me back down to earth about food. I don't do culinary one-upmanship. I care about what we eat, about gardens and sustainable agriculture. But little jars of preserved animal fat? Syringes? Competitive culinary tourism? Not for me, sorry.

My sense of what's au courant is therefore quite out of date. Maybe there are people making laser-jet printed appetizers and injecting them with syringes in their Marin/Berkeley Hills/Pacific Heights homes. I wouldn't know such persons, however. Do you really think this fad has hit the Bay Area in a significant way?

I can see having the animal fat around, by the way, if you're into slow food...Certain foodies of my acquaintance strike me as candidates for this practice. I wouldn't laugh at them if so.

Wait! He didn't mention slow food! But maybe that's so last year...



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