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.: July 2006 --> So those hunky contractors really are ladies men

So those hunky contractors really are ladies men

» The allure of the toolbelt. I'm just saying.

"I was a kid, much younger, working for another contractor, who left me to do a deck on a house,” said one upstate New York contractor, now middle-aged, who begged anonymity. “The woman was divorced, the door to the deck is four feet off the ground."
So you’re — ?
" — Right. I’m looking at her crotch. She’s bringing me breakfast, lingering in the doorway in her bedclothes and one thing led to another and I end up in bed with her and when the boss came back from vacation she made a row and threatened not to pay. My boss was a little upset that I had sex, but I was 19 at the time, and it was a new experience for me, the older woman. When you’re 19 and you have a woman like that, you don’t ask questions, you go for it."
What did he learn from this experience?
"From that I learned — I really did not learn anything," he said.

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hey rebecca, came across your blog via dizery. hahaha this is funny. it just shows that not all stories, or exeriences for that matter, have a lesson learnt.



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