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.: July 2006 --> More children's book reviews by Andrew Oglesby

More children's book reviews by Andrew Oglesby

» Last week I linked to some charming reviews of childrens book by 6-year-old Andrew Oglesby. Here is an earlier set of reviews by my new favorite book critic. On Earth Magic

To me, it's not a book for 6-year-olds. Other 6-year-olds might like it, but I really think it's a book for older people because it's like something that would have to do with history, and older kids like things like history. This book is very imaginary -- like the Tuesday [poem]. It has playing hopscotch with the sun and that's not something that would really happen. It's very creative. Whoever wrote this book was really using their creative juices.

(By the way, when you click through that Amazon link, notice that all the books offered in conjunction with this book are the other ones in this review. A mention on CNN really works.)

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