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.: July 2006 --> More molecular gastronomy

More molecular gastronomy

» Wired: My Compliments to the Lab is another article on the "molecular gastronomists" who are using specialized equipment (the "anti-griddle", anyone?) and chemical additives to create cuisine that is both haute and high-tech.

"How would Thomas Keller make that parsley sauce?" Achatz asks.... He'd puree parsley and oil in a blender and strain it.
"Then he'd have parsley oil," Achatz says. "It tastes like parsley and oil." Achatz instead starts with parsley juice, maybe a little water and salt. "That liquid is going to taste intensely of parsley, because that's all it is. Then I'd thicken it with Ultra-tex 3, a modified starch that imparts zero flavor but gives it the same viscosity as oil."
Keller, in other words, would have compromised the flavor of the parsley. Achatz believes that technology can actually deliver a purer dish.

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Nanotechnology is also working its way into our foods. Proponents say it allows them to develop products with improved taste and texture, while also potentially reducing costs. In ice cream, for example, it can reduce the fat content from around 14 percent to 6 percent by creating a tighter matrix that reduces the size of ice crystals. Consumers concerned about in their foods should note that this process does not add any new particles or ingredients to foods, it simply alters the process of their production. More on this at nanotechbuzz.



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