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.: July 2006 --> Rebecca Blood Barcelona interview

Rebecca Blood Barcelona interview

» In Barcelona, we spent one long day being interviewed by about a dozen journalists each. I believe I was featured in 3 different news spots that evening. One of the video journalists, Javier Celaya, has posted portions of our interview on the Web, in snippets. Each section is just a minute or two long, with a translation into Spanish at the bottom of each page.

When you wrote your book in 2002, did you think blogs would become such a phenomenon?
What are the negative effects of blogs?
Some blogs aspire to become journalistic mass media. Do you think that this it is the model to follow?
Let's talk now about the impact of blogs in the business world. What do these tools contribute to business?
With regard to blogs' comments, some readers think these conversations are the most interesting part of blogging, whereas others think they are irrelevant. What is your opinion?
As the author of a book, which is your opinion on the impact of blogging in the promotion of a book? What has been your experience?

Question translation thanks to Babelfish, the Apple Dashboard translation widget, and my own extrapolation after listening to the answers.

 [ 07.21.06 ]

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I love the fact you needed to reverse engineer the questions.



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