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.: July 2006 --> The perils of hitting back

The perils of hitting back

» All cultures seem to allow for retribution: an in-kind act to repay an affront and to balance things out. But studies suggest that people tend to remember the causes of their own actions, and the consequences of other peoples'. To complicate matters, volunteers instructed to respond to a physical touch with equal force typically respond with about 40 percent more force than they had just experienced. It all adds up to this: He Who Cast the First Stone Probably Didn’t.
 [ 07.25.06 ]

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This was in the International Herald Tribune here in India yesterday, you were first, to me it is a sign of the emergence of a new way of understanding human life, and I am very happy with the links you are posting, good serious stuff that points to aside, Sharon Begely in the WSJ (!) is doing amazing articles on neurophysiology and brain research, pointing the same way... a lot more interesting than Lebanon or Iraq.... thanks



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