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.: August 2006 --> 2005 Tommy Smothers Interview

2005 Tommy Smothers Interview

» "For Howard Stern to be the poster boy for First Amendment is just ridiculous.  That’s how low the...People used to say, three or four years ago before the Janet Jackson thing, they’d say, 'Don’t you wish you were on television now?  You could say anything you want.'  So there’s an illusion that because bad language and sex and stuff is rampant that [you have free speech].  But there’s nothing being said, except, you know, narcissistic reflections on a crotch." A 2005 interview with Tommy Smothers in which he reflects on comedy, his career, and dissent.
 [ 08.21.06 ]

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So incredibly true what Tommy Smothers said. very insightful. I can't stand it when people try to imply that bigotted jerks like Howard Stern and Larry Flynt are "liberal" or proponents of free speech. They tout the same narrow views of white and minority women and minority men that most conservatives do (but in a more explicit way).



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