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Ayurvedic Tourism

» In the Land of Four-Star Asceticism.

For pilgrims with deep pockets wanting an authentic immersion into this ancient medical system, including a radical purification and detoxification treatment known as pancha karma, the Kalari Kovilakom—which markets itself as combining "the indulgence of a palace with the austerity of an ashram"—is the real deal. Since the 1970’s, "ayurveda tourism" has drawn Lonely Planet acolytes and Rough Guiders, especially young Germans, to the thatched-hut beaches of southern India, lured by the promise of $5 massages. But with the reimagining of this historic rajah’s palazzo by the Casino Group—Keralan hoteliers who have shrewdly rechristened themselves CHG Earth—the ante has been considerably upped.

 [ 08.14.06 ]

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If you see the word "kerala" and the word "ayurvedic" in the same sentence, run. They are only after your money. There are not enough plants growing in Kerala to make the medicines, I could go on and on.... this spa may be good, probably good at marketing... one of the best places in Kerala for panchkarma is Amma's ashram,



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