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.: August 2006 --> Bloggers on Blogging: Jason Kottke

Bloggers on Blogging: Jason Kottke

» I'm pleased to point you to my most recent interview in the Bloggers on Blogging series: Jason Kottke. We discuss everything from blogging fulltime, to the perils of being married to another blogger, to handling flames.

After more than 10 years of publishing stuff online, I'm more or less fireproof. Which is not to say that when flamed I simply insulate myself with the belief that I'm right and the flamer is wrong (which is a maddenly common approach among bloggers); the key is not to take it personally. Maintaining calm in the face of criticism can be difficult, especially when the best flames contain real truths, and it's helpful to remember that when you read something.

 [ 08.08.06 ]

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I'm lucky to have written things down over the years since half my memories left in the accident.

Memories can change with time and I think it will be interesting down the road for other people to be able go back and read parts of their own pasts...



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