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.: August 2006 --> FDA okays spray-viruses to combat listeriosis

FDA okays spray-viruses to combat listeriosis

» More food news: The FDA has okayed a process to spray a cocktail of viruses on meat to be consumed by humans in order to combat listeriosis. Jorn sez:"FDA okays swallowing spiders to catch flies".
 [ 08.18.06 ]


I'm not sure what to think, pro or con. My automatic reaction is con. Read this:

Sounds positive, but also check the letter at the bottom. Sounds like washing hands and not touching eyes will be even more important than today.

My first reaction was eeeeewwwww.

The article you cite describes using this method to combat foodborne illnesses that may not be controllable otherwise. But the method just approved by the FDA is for the control of listeria, which is a real danger, especially in processed meats like hotdogs.

It sounds like a shortcut that will be used by meat packers whose plants may not be completely hygienic. I'm sure this is cheaper than the rigorous hygienic measures needed to prevent listeria, a pernicious bug. Personally, I'd rather have clean meat from clean plants than questionable meat that has been treated to be safe.

yeah, but they're not really viruses; they're specifically something that kills bacteria. it makes sense to the biologist in me, but I understand the recoil too...



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