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.: August 2006 --> Foiled terrorist plot foils US travellers

Foiled terrorist plot foils US travellers

» I knew the foiled terrorist plot to blow up transatlantic planes would cause major disruptions for air travellers, but get this: My husband is at an airport right now in a security line that extends out to the parking garage. There's no telling what time he'll get home, or if he'll be able to make it home tonight at all.

BTW, you're going to want to keep up with Bruce Schneier's commentary on this new attempt and its repercussions, both today and as the government releases new information.

 [ 08.10.06 ]

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I hope your husband got home with his sanity intact.

I tend to agree with Bruce Schneier that the measures they are taking in the short term are reasonable due to the actual threat that was discovered.

In the long term, it seems only a matter of time before a terrorist will utilize the methods of narcotics traffickers, storing materials inside their bodies to avoid detection.

If someone is willing to become a martyr, they will probably be willing to endure some discomfort.

If we get to this stage, the current detection methodologies will be woefully inadequate.



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