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.: August 2006 --> Home Depot and CVS offering dual-residence jobs to retirees

Home Depot and CVS offering dual-residence jobs to retirees

» Retired, and Rehired to Sell. Home Depot and CVS are accomodating the ultimate in flextime for some retirees: summers in their home city, and winters in Florida. Why are they doing it? Because these folks would simply stop working if the company didn't accomodate them. "If we were not able to retain, train and hire and keep older people, we wouldn't have a business. The younger folks, there's just less of them. We need those older people to stay in the workforce, and people are living longer, healthier lives." Stephen M. Wing, director of government programs with CVS.

I can't help comparing this to the family benefits most employers offer to their employees who are responsible for family care (read: women), ie, very few. It was such a struggle for women to enter the workforce years ago that they really couldn't demand anything the men weren't already getting. And now it's such an economic necessity that they still don't have the leverage these retirees, many of whom don't strictly need the jobs, have.

 [ 08.01.06 ]


yeah, well, they have to make some concessions -- I presume that the reason they can find more retirees than "young folks" is because the pay is so poor that only people with other sources of income can consider it. bleah.

In what towns/states are these CVS jobs to be found?

Leigh Travis, Ph.D.



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