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.: August 2006 --> Why the US Obsession with Fidel Castro?

Why the US Obsession with Fidel Castro?

» Is anyone else baffled by the US obsession with Castro and his illness? (Cuban immigrants aside: of course they have strong feelings about events in their country of origin.)

Our entire relation with Cuba is an artifact of the Cold War, and that's been over for years. At that time, Cuba represented the Soviet Union in our own hemisphere, a possible foothold for the Communists who were bent on taking us over. Once the Soviet Union fell, why didn't we instantly normalize relations with Cuba, in effect saying "You, yourself, are actually not a threat. You're just a teeny little country." That's far more powerful than this vestigal fear—in fact, our outdated policy imbues Cuba with more authority than any objective measure ever would. Do you think Castro hasn't noticed that he still terrifies the United States?

 [ 08.02.06 ]


It's mostly the electoral college. Florida is a swing state, and Cuban expats (and their offspring) can make the difference, so no administration has the guts to do the right thing, for fear they'll be punished by the Cubans in the next election. Our stupid Cuba policy is the result.

One more reason to jettison the electoral college.

I think it's just that habit of the US goverments habit of needing to have influence and control over other countries. So darn hard to just mind thier own business. I think they see Castros potential death as an opportunity to get their foot in the door of Cuba's affairs.

regards Grant M (from Canada)



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