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.: September 2006 --> A Simple Test on the Practicality and Morality of Torture

A Simple Test on the Practicality and Morality of Torture

» Rafe poses a simple test on the practicality and morality of torture. And as usual, he's right. Update: And here's a short statement condemning the practice, "Torture is a moral issue" from the National Council of Churches. It absolutely is. Signatories include former President Jimmy Carter, Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, and Purpose Driven Life Pastor Rick Warren. It's time the faith community spoke up about this.
 [ 09.21.06 ]


lol, has the faith based community stood up for anything lately? it is, in my opinion, bankrupt as far as any sort of guts are concerned. what happened to turn the other cheek, forgive your enemy, love thy neighbor as thyself? these are not wimp-outs, they are spiritual power to be enacted in this world, bu no christian leader has had the nerve to stand up since the so-called 9/11 event.... of course torture is a moral issue, unfortunately, america has lost its moral credibility.... lol

the National Council of Churches has been speaking out on moral issues since at least the 1950s. I know, because when I commented to my mom about the vitriol some right-wingers were spewing at the NCC, she said "oh they've been mad at them since forever. They were mad when the NCC came out against segregation in the 50s." She was a civil rights activist in a church-based student group, and she says people ranted then that the NCC was full of communists etc.

The question is, will anybody with power on the torture question listen to either the NCC or Jimmy Carter? 'Cause these right-wing nuts don't like either party, and couldn't care less about their church/religious affiliation.



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