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.: October 2006 --> Bloggers on Blogging: Scott Rosenberg

Bloggers on Blogging: Scott Rosenberg

» I'm excited to share with you the latest in my Bloggers on Blogging series, an interview with Salon's Scott Rosenberg, one of the first journalists to really "get" blogging. In it, we talk about about his new book, the Web as a collective recordkeeper, and the effective uses of online media.

Anyone who argues that, you know, bloggers will on their own transform American politics and usher in the participatory millennium simply because they are blogging is not being serious. Blogs are simply a format in the continuing evolution of the Internet. They make it really easy for individuals to publish. This is a wonderful and valuable thing. Then it's up to us to do something with it. If your goal is to 'speak truth to power,' it behooves you to figure out where the powerful people are and how to get their attention.

 [ 10.31.06 ]

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Thank you thank you. I love this stuff. The latest in Rebecca Blood’s Bloggers on Blogging series, an interview with Scott Rosenberg. ... Read More



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