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.: October 2006 --> Otavo: purpose-driven social bookmarking

Otavo: purpose-driven social bookmarking

» Otavo is social bookmarking with a purpose. My test quest: Where can I find a pair of black leather or suede granny boots with about a 2-inch heel? Can the Otavo community find me a pair?

But have you noticed that each new social networking site wants you to fill in page after page of personal information to build up your profile and make it easier to connect with others using the service? Who has time? I'd either like someone to create a single repository for that information that could be used to update each of these sites at my request, or I'd like new services to offer the ability to scrape information from another one of my profiles instead of expecting me to fill in these forms time and time again.

 [ 10.26.06 ]


You might want to get involved in some of the web identity processes! Various adjuncts and extensions to things like LID and OpenID are headed that direction, and the latter is actually gaining some traction!

I believe Sxip is also working on internet identity issues, trying to get the various protocols to talk to each other, and asserting the need for broader adoption.



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