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.: October 2006 --> The one and only Cher

The one and only Cher

» Cher! She was one of my role models when I was a teenager—surprised? I'll bet you can't guess who the other one was.
 [ 10.06.06 ]


I am going to have to go with Sonny Chars signifacant other but ti was another star at the time then I would say Johhny Carson. My role model growing up was Albert Einstien.

Given your appearance and style and artisitc interests, it could only be..... Freddie Mercury.

Tina Turner's my guess, since they were both personal heros of mine back then and now.

Nope, nope, and nope. Honestly, I would be astonished if anyone could guess, though if you know me, it will make perfect sense.

I would have guessed someone like Johnny Rotten or Siouxsie or David Bowie or something, but this is all on the gothy tip. It's probably nothing so simplistic. :)

Doh! What I also meant to say in the last comment was that some old personal items of Cher's were always on hand at a small shop in Disney's Pleasure Island in Orlando, which I think is called something like "Starabilia." It's basically a place where you could buy things like a purse that had belonged to Melanie Griffith. Only, when I was in there, it seemed like 60% of their merchandise was Cher's old clothing! All decent quality, of course. I wonder how many people who bid at the auction know about that source, and I wonder if they still have a lot of her stuff in that store.

Janis Joplin?

I'd guess someone Martha Stewart-ish or involved in home arts. Maybe Julia Child?

Julia Child was one of my heroes during my 20s, but not for the reason you would think. I admired her passion for her subject, and her courage in just putting herself out there as she really was (and I still aspire to that myself).

My interest in the domestic arts didn't surface until just a few years ago, when it became my job, and it was really ignited by Cheryl Mendleson's Home Comforts.

But no, she's not the person I'm thinking of.



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