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.: November 2006 --> Soderbergh recreates 40's style cinema technique in his new film

Soderbergh recreates 40's style cinema technique in his new film

» Steven Soderbergh's new film The Good German wasn't just shot in black and white; it was shot using 40's-era lighting, lenses, and staging techniques no longer in use by modern filmmakers. Bonus fact: Soderbergh works as his own cinematographer (as Peter Andrews) and editor (Mary Ann Bernard). "The reason they no longer work that way is because it means making choices, real choices, and sticking to them. It means shooting things in a way that basically only cut together in one order. That’s not what people do now. They want all the options they can get in the editing room.” Steven Soderbergh, filmmaker.
 [ 11.15.06 ]

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In the show Star Trek Deep Space Nine there was an episode that dealt with time travel and going back to Original Series episode 'The Trouble with Tribbles' in the episode they were putting the current actors into the old footage like they did with Forest Gump.
What made it cool is that it was no digital hack and paste. They found the original lighting used as well as the original type of makeup and fabrics etc so that it would evenly match the old footage.
I think a lot of film producers miss the point that sometimes too polished is a bad thing - with thanks to Mr Lucas and his digital waterfalls!



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