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.: November 2006 --> The neuroscience of speaking in tongues

The neuroscience of speaking in tongues

» Neuroscientists say that brain scans show that when people are speaking in tongues, language centers and the part of the brain through which people control what they do are relatively quiet—supporting the description of the experience evangelicals say they are having.
 [ 11.09.06 ]


I'm also quite sure that people who make up random gibberish and "speak" it aren't using their language-processing brain centres either.

I suppose the foundations of science start with proving the obvious...

the study of the relationship between brain and consciousness seems to be in its infancy.... not to mention the self that is conscious, and the self's relationship to consciousness and the brain.... the brain is cause of nothing, it is purely effect, something far more subtle "moves", the measurable stuff in the brain is after the fact ... in india, there is a well known siddhi, power, called vak siddhi, the power of speech, in which highly coherent speech just flows like a river..... in my opinion scientists really ought to be talking to yogis... and check out the third chapter of patangili's yoga sutras, online, it is a list of the powers that any conscious person has.... nice post, thanks rebecca blood dot net

Only in America, eh? At least I certainly hope so... It seems to me that the article your post so usefully highlights undermines two vital pillars of human happiness, science and journalism. Science comes off worst! This is the world of "intelligent design", where psudo-scientists fill large holes in their knowledge with a big-daddy god...



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Hate to be picky, but I would venture to say that "speaking in tongues" is not practiced by the majority of the Evangelical movement, but only those who would describe themselves as "Charismatic". It's actually not a huge percentage.



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