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The New Nuns

» Time has an interesting article about the young (and older) women who are entering convents today: Today's Nun Has A Veil—And A Blog. "Religious life itself is a radical choice. In an age where our primary secular values are sex, power and money, for someone to choose chastity, obedience and poverty is a radical statement." Brother Paul Vednarczyk, executive director of the National Religious Vocation Conference in Chicago.
 [ 11.17.06 ]

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I remember visits to an enclosed order as a child where my aunt spent time as a postulant. She got black-balled for a variety of complex reasons (jealousy from the older nuns? politics?). A community of nuns is still a community, with all the pluses and minuses that this implies. Except perhaps more so.

More positively, I spent weekend at a buddhist monastery the other week and just found kept by one of the (female) monks there. The shaven head of a Buddhist monk when worn by a female monk contrasts interestingly with a wimple as a radical statement.



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