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.: December 2006 --> The Economist Best of 2006 Booklist

The Economist Best of 2006 Booklist

» The Economist has published their list of the best books of 2006 in categories ranging from Politics to Science to Fiction. This one sounds particularly intriguing:

A young woman weds the Prince of Wales and finds that there are three in the marriage. She seeks solace in the arms of a foreigner, attracts intense media attention, becomes the darling of the people, and after proceedings for divorce, dies suddenly. For sheer entertainment and political theatre, the story of Caroline of Brunswick far outstrips the tale of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Trial of Queen Caroline: The Scandalous Affair that Nearly Ended a Monarchy by Jane Robins.

 [ 12.10.06 ]


How do I subscribe to your feed? this is a fine question for me to ask, as I haven't figured out yet how to create links, rss feeds, or pretty much anything else except how to write on my blog. Still, I would like to subscribe to yours. I think I would read it more than I do now with it tucked away in favs. I tried to install buttons on my computer and it said to me, "what's this newfangled delicious stuff you are trying to add to me? and by the way, what the heck is blogging?" My computer is old and tired. He doesn't like new stuff added.



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