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.: January 2007 --> The Bill of Wrongs

The Bill of Wrongs

» Dalia Lithwick: The 10 most outrageous civil liberties violations of 2006. What will our children think when they look back on our complacency during this time?
 [ 01.02.07 ]


the loss of habeus corpus, .... this was a strangely gutless article, a few easy targets, but no juice, no challenge, no indictments, no fire, just the same passive acceptance that america the complacent seems to excel in the last years, i wonder if it is too much pot, or tv, or internet, or money...., there is no escape, i think, except via some intense and violent riots with very large numbers.....

all of us who will read this know these wrongs. some of us have lived so long that there is a numbing repitition of injustice coursing through american history. perhaps it is desparation that leads me to wish more women would celebrate nancy pelosi's ascent. otherwise i fear we will be locked into our anger and that our grandchildren, in my case, will only recall that edge.

push harder in 2007, my wishes to you all for a better year poltically,
naomi, another feminist grandmother against the war

"What will our children think when they look back on our complacency during this time?"

Maybe we'll learn from Bush and Circus Rove, and doctor the records to expunge evidence of our complacency/complicity before the kids find out ... or did my moral compass just go completely insane?



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