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.: January 2007 --> Val Yule: Melbourne's Best Water Saver

Val Yule: Melbourne's Best Water Saver

» A 78-year-old Melbourne woman may be Australia's best water-saver, using less than a tenth of the water an average consumer in her area consumes. Her tricks include a roofwater converter that she invented, but is willing to share with the world.

Even her trips to the toilet are eco-friendly, although she declined to spell out the specifics. "I have a system, but I won't go into details," she said. "People aren't ready for that yet."

 [ 01.19.07 ]


I had a flash of recognition for her green lifestyle; Excepting the element of choice, it's basically third world poverty.

Were you thinking that most poor people in the third world have running water in their homes?

"People aren't ready for that yet."

Hahahah! A bit extreme perhaps but the rainwater to a spicket is a pretty good idea.

When I concreted my driveway I sloped it on the side of the house and around back so in heavy rains it selfwashes any sand or leaves then runs drains into the dog pen leaving the sand and taking the dog pies. From there I have a depression to catch the water and let it trickle into the ground instead of running directly into the lake so everything settles out.

The dog pen gets cleaned out every storm and the grass below it is always green and I can sit back warm and dry and just watch.

The dog box is elevated to so they do the same.

These people only exist to make the rest of us look bad.



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