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.: January 2007 --> Why the American people no longer support the war in Iraq

Why the American people no longer support the war in Iraq

» Streets running in blood—it's biblical in scale. This is why the American people no longer support the war in Iraq. It has nothing, I'm sad to say, to do with principle.

And poor CNN. The header on this story is "Iraq: Transition of Power". They were so, so with the program when it all began, and now they're stuck with this lamentable endorsement of Administration spin, while events spin completely out of control on the ground. At what point will the editors decide it's time to change the title of this particular "Special Report"?

 [ 01.16.07 ]


Another reason American people and others are not supporting the war in Iraq may have something to do with the 34,000 civilians killed in the last year.

That would be a principled response.

Americans 2005: "War in Iraq? Yes, I support it, you know, freedom, war against terror, [insert your favorite american propaganda yadda-yadda here] ..."

Americans 2007: "What? War causes casualties, is expensive? I'm against it"

Sorry, folks, this is ridiculous. What's happening in Iraq is the logical consequence of this war, it was obvious from the beginning that this was going to happen. But one Vietnam wasn't enough for american public opinion, they wanted to have another one, here it is!

The ones that pay the bill are the poor folks that come back home in body bags and of course the thousands Iraqis killed in the american crusade, more than Saddam would have killed in the rest of his life.

What a disaster, what a sad terrible disaster!

I wouldn't call it biblical; It's more like Quranic. What changes if Americans leave? After the Americans left Southeast Asia in 1975 more than 2,000,000 people were killed by communists. The reunited Vietnam is still a communist police state and is graded by the UN as one of the world's most corrupt countries.

Be careful what you wish for; Someone else may pay with their life.

I'm usually a fan of what you write, Rebecca, but I find myself disagreeing with you twice in this brief posting.

First, I think the American people are better than you credit them for. They were lied into supporting this war. When the lies became evident they stopped supporting it. I think the American people are generally ones who believe in doing the right thing. We often disagree on just what that is, but in the case of Iraq, we overwhelmingly understand that what we have done there is shamefully wrong.

Second, I have no sympathy for CNN and it's sycophantic positioning of this war. It is tag for this war stands as an epitaph for what happens when the media does not do the job it's supposed to do. The media is supposed to take no sides, but it is supposed to ask the tough questions.



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