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.: February 2007 --> Astronaut, diapers, love triangle, kidnapping charges

Astronaut, diapers, love triangle, kidnapping charges

» Not The Onion: A NASA astronaut who drove hundreds of miles to confront a romantic rival, wearing diapers on the journey so that she would not have to stop to use the restroom, appeared in court today after being arrested on attempted kidnapping and other charges.
 [ 02.06.07 ]


I used to live just south of Patrick AFB, where the intended victim works, & I'm pretty sure I've met her. But I don't remember anything about her.

That whole area of FL is very suffused in the culture of NASA and associated industries (electrical engineering, satellites, semiconductor research, etc). Most of my friends there have worked for NASA in some capacity or another, and most of my friends' parents worked for NASA or the Air Force when I was a kid. When your best friend's dad is on TV at mission control during a launch, the whole process is kind of demystified - not that many businesses in the area try to market the "space cachet" anymore, though there are still a few restaurants that advertise that "astronauts have eaten here!" and more venues than usual in which to purchase freeze-dried ice cream.

It seems as tho nowadays that if you do something bad all you have to do is go into rehab and everything is forgiven and forgotten. (sounds like scripture kinda). Do u think this will happen with the astronaut Nowak? And will the Astros maybe change their name? (just yolking) Just like the kid that swallowed a golf ball went to the doctor and said doctor I just swallowed a golf ball and he said are you choking, and the kid said no I really did.

LOL... Your blog appears number 1 in Yahoo! for astronaut diapers.

Just 4 ur information, I'm from Malaysia and just wanted to know what's all this news about astronaut's diaper. Just curious I guess.

Interesting astronauts love affair... don't you guys think?


Anyone who has passed through university will understand that an astronaut is human after all. A human being will always succumb to certain pressures. In the case of Nowak, she is 'married' and that simply shows she has the same feelings as all of us. Education does not really change the inner being, it only improves what one can do as an interactive being. I think she just needs a lot of cancelling and save her from too much trouble becoz she is a rare asset. Having knives and mallets in a car does not necessarily attract murder charges cos even a wheel spanner can be used as a murdering tool (do we remove jacks from our cars?). Those gangs who shoot each other everyday in the states are free!

Nowak over reacted but the astronaut fraternity should just hold their own and know that this lady can do wonders and its not her social life which matters. I saw the video where she operated the robotic arm on the ISS.

An astronaut has blood flowing in the body and thats enough.

I sure love stories about "Strong Women", and here's yet another one!?

I dont Know about nappies (diapers) but what size tank did she have on the motor if she was going for a round trip?

With all this hub bub concerning this woman going psycho over another man other than her husband. Kind of makes you wonder just what happens during their trips to the space station? I wonder if they make rules concerning relations between fellow space men and women. If not maybe they should. Sounds like there is more exploration in space than just the cosmos.



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