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.: February 2007 --> The Police Reunite for the Grammies

The Police Reunite for the Grammies

» Rock and roll really is a young man's game, isn't it?
 [ 02.12.07 ]


WHAT!!!! No way. Those guys are still hot!

Does Sting possess the secret of eternal youth... or at least the secret of early 30-dom... Perhaps its all that Tantric malarky??

They looked to me like they were having a great time, and then Sting did that "Sting thing" at the bridge and I thought "Oh, Sting. And it was all going so well." And even after they sped it back up and looked like they were having a good time again, I was struck by how it *looked* like a reunion. There was a completely different energy than you get from young men.

Had you seen Prince's superbowl performance? I thought he did a very credible job of doing some of his old songs without necessarily pretending to be a teenager again. I'm curious how that compares to this Police gig for you...?

Actually Rebecca I have a confession - I was just posting any old crap to see how to post. I didn't even watch the whole performance so I missed the bridge, only took in Sting's unwrinkly biceps. The real truth (and yes, I have just read your 10 tips and its stung (!) my conscience into confessing) is that I want to set up a blog based on a local issue to do with young people and a Ball Park and I want the local community to have a voice. I wondered if this was the way to do it... Sorry to be such a fraud!!

I would perhaps be less critical if I had not once thought Sting was white hot, and then was forced to witness his transformation into "soft jazz man".

No, I didn't see Prince but I'll bet it's on YouTube.

I have no argument with Sting's biceps.

I really have followed Sting's musical evolution and found him to get better with every album. "Soft jazz" is a bit too easy. I rate him among the best song writers ever.

I liked the Police, back then, but I guess I didn't realize the pornography component in their "product". I'm guessing somebody had a Sting poster on their bedroom wall.

Biceps? You call those little yoga-tofu-granola patties biceps? WOW.

why on earth is the mosh pit separated from the rest of the crowd by a big wall?!?

yes, different, but still fun to hear, and this is maybe the *first* time that I've thought Sting was hot! :)

I dunno know if rock is always a young man's game. Musical tastes and sensitivities change as people age, though. It's unlikely that guys in their 50's are going to play anthems of adolescent angst with the same authenticity as they did 3 decades earlier. Or 4 decades, in the case of Sir Mick and Sir Paul. (I actually wish the Stones would, for at least one album, abandon the mold that's served them so well and write and try something else that's in keeping with their age and talents. A good jazz-tinged blues album, with the right female lead taking Jagger's place, would be nice.)

On the other hand, 19-year-old kids sound laughable when they pick songs written for 50-year-olds.

A young man's game? Ah, maybe. Then again, Coldplay vs Neil Young? Strokes (born middle-aged) vs Nick Cave? On the other hand, Stewart Copeland is looking kind of wrinkly and Sting probably botoxes his biceps.



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