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.: March 2007 --> Hillary 1984

Hillary 1984

» A Hillary Clinton/1984 Apple Super Bowl ad mashup is on YouTube—but no one knows where it came from. ["Hillary 1984" represents] "a new era, a new wave of politics ... because it's not about Obama. It's about the end of the broadcast era." Peter Leyden, director of the New Politics Institute.
 [ 03.19.07 ]


The Hillary 1984 video has caused enough interest to spike viewership of Hillary and Obama’s official videos, which is interesting because the Republicans had been gaining on and even surpassed the Dems in web video views just prior to the release of the 1984 video.

I’ve made a few charts of presidential candidate video groups on TubeMogul and posted them on the blog at - one comparing the top 3 candidates (by YouTube viewership) for Dems and Republicans, and one showing Barack vs. Hillary.

I’m a graduate student working with some friends who recently developed the site. The url is We'd love to hear what you think.


There's another issue here: As an artist & someone who works in the computer art field, I am shocked by such cluelessness regarding intellectual property rights & copyright law. Regardless of the political fallout, I hope this amateur gets sued for infringement. We should protect our creative artists & their rights to make a living with their brains & hands!



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