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.: March 2007 --> Is torture really better than death?

Is torture really better than death?

» Dahlia Lithwick argues that the Bush administration has taken a seemingly reasonable line of argument and applied it in such a way that —by their reasoning—they have the power to do pretty much anything they want. "Look, death is worse than torture, but everyone except pacifists thinks there are circumstances in which war is justified. War means killing people. If we are entitled to kill people, we must be entitled to injure them." John Yoo, former legal counsel to the Bush administration and professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley.
 [ 03.22.07 ]


I caught that earlier as well. Yoo certainly knows his argument is bogus, but it serves his ultimate end, which is to justify the practice of torturing people. I guess the job of a lawyer is to convince people to agree with them, and not to expose the truth.

Sigh!!! The perverse end of RealPolitik...and to think that I, along with many other people, are raising children on this planet...

John Yoo is a complete fool. I have been a lawyer for almost 30 years and have read much of Yoo's material. He seems to think the President has as much power as the President of North Korea. Why did he emigrate, then?



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