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.: March 2007 --> The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users

The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users

» The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users. The only useful application of this service I've ever heard of is using it to discern who was at which bar at SXSW.
 [ 03.16.07 ]


I think it's interesting that you immediately went to mentioning whether Twitter is "useful". From what I know of similar services in, say, Korea, that hasn't even arisen as an issue. Or, as I think Ev said about the question, ice cream isn't that useful, either.

Well, ice cream tastes good and it's refreshing on a hot day. Getting a constant stream of ephemera from the people I know doesn't sound fun to me, it sounds distracting, and then annoying, and then—pretty quickly—crazy-making.

But then I have a public AIM account that I use only when I need to ask someone a question, and I only use my cell phone to make calls—I leave it off the rest of the time.

So intrusions aren't really my thing.

One of the current features of Twitter that I really like is that it works completely inconsistently via IM. So, it feels very random to me. And, I follow only a handful of people in whom I trust that their occasional, random bits of blah-blah will be notably amusing.

In this sense, to me, Twitter functions like a medium of a collaborative work of poetry that's built through random, spontaneous fragments of typing.

I also keep my IM client configured such that I only am aware of the Twitter chat window when I close other things that I am working on, e.g., when I am inbetween doing something useful.



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