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.: March 2007 --> Seeking Education Blogging experts

Seeking Education Blogging experts

» A query: Who is doing the best work right now on blogging in education?
 [ 03.07.07 ]


Check with Dr. Michael Morgan at Bemidji State University, in Northern Minnesota. He has been teaching classes on blogging for a while now. (He uses your book, too!)
I can give you a link to his class wiki through email.

I'd thoroughly recommend talking with Jill Walker for traditional blogging in education(, and Adrian Miles ( for videoblogging if you're that way inclined! :)

Kevin Lim, who blogs at might be of interest. He teaches at SIM in Singapore at the moment, for U.Buffalo, and he's an interesting an inventive teacher of interactive media in general.

Here is a wiki page with K-12 and Educational Consultants: Blogs on Educational Blogging. Edublog award finalists and winners are noted, and I'd also refer you to Anne Davis and Clarence Fisher, who are also on that list.

Try Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed. His work is also normally framed for K-12ers, but I find much of what he talks about is useful for the college classroom as well.

Karine at is very well-connected in blogging for higher education *marketing*, but might have some good contacts in actual educational blogging.

Last year's Higher Ed BlogCon -- -- might also be a good resource for tracking down experts.



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