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.: March 2007 --> The Global Glass ceiling

The Global Glass ceiling

» Wow this chart is interesting. It's the Economist on the percentages of women in senior management, by country—and I would never have predicted these results. What explains Brazil? (via dm)
 [ 03.21.07 ]


They value women?

What I want to know, solipsist that I am, is what explains the USA's lame showing?

I guess I answered my own question.

And,depressingly but not surprisingly, Australia isn't even there.

I truly wonder about the story they're trying to tell with those numbers.

From the press release by Grant Thornton:

"Four in ten businesses worldwide have no women in senior management"

Bullet points:

# no change over the last three years
# less than a quarter (22%) of senior positions are occupied by women
# the Philippines is the only country where women have parity to men in senior management roles.

And from the article:
"The latest findings from the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) reveal that 38% of businesses do not have any women in senior management roles, a figure which has remained unchanged since 2004."

Wow, this information was very interesting. I would also like to know where they are getting these numbers from.

I must tell you something... here in Brazil there maybe a few women not the numbers they are showing there though. Even though, those women do not earn half of what men do.It´s just a "pro forma" as we say here, it´s just to be politically correct.And we are where you see us... 10th economy in the world, and still considered some... who still think we have indigenous population dancing on the streets the rain dance....



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