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.: March 2007 --> Young people are giving up social networking sites for Lent

Young people are giving up social networking sites for Lent

» Gimme that old-time religion: Students give up social networks for Lent. Why not? I do think it's a cheat, though, to substitute one site for another. "Some of my friends think it's silly, since people usually give up food. I wanted to give up something that's really hard for me." Emily Montgomery, 16, who has given up logging onto MySpace for Lent.
 [ 03.29.07 ]


"I do think it's a cheat, though, to substitute one site for another."

Like substituting fish flesh for cow flesh?

Despite the statement of the person in the article, people don't really "give up food" for Lent, they give up their preferred food, and substitute a less enjoyable version -- like this person is doing by substituting Facebook for MySpace.

But it's interesting that they apparently consider social networks as vital to survival as meat.

Well, I guess I was always too hard on myself! I used to give up *all* chocolate, or *all* caffeine, not substitute milk chocolate or black coffee for my preferred version.

Hmmph. Kids today. ;)

Well, I've given up reading political blogs. Yes, it's hard. No, I haven't been 100% successful, but I have cut way back. I don't know how "essential" it is.. or was, but still.

I don't see the correlation between fasting and blogging (or the sacrifice) but neverteless since it does seem to mean alot to a number of people (the ones that are doing this) and since this action does not harm anyone or impose anything on anyone's space, I can but only respect it.

I saw this last night. I think it's good that some kids are recognizing the hold that technology has on them and are taking a break from it, even though they're itching to get back to it.

They substitute fish because a long time ago the Italian fishing industry was having a big problem, so the Pope declared that it was okay to eat fish, but not meat.

A couple of comments; first I confess that I have been exceedingly lax in my observance of Lent. I can see that giving up myspace or similar things could well be helpful in one's spiritual growth. I can say this because I spend way too much time on the web and it does take it's toll.

As far as eating fish instead of meat; I rarely eat fish so I tend to think of fish as a treat rather than a sacrifice.

Another good way to observe lent is to start something positive such as Bible reading or a time of prayer rather than giving something up. Of course by doing a positive activity, you do in fact refrain from doing some other activity...

such as waste time on the web.



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