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.: April 2007 --> I am a slave to my RSS reader

I am a slave to my RSS reader

» I have a predictable cycle with my blog reading. Every so often, I severely cull my list of reads in an attempt to regain some control of my time and brainspace. Then my list starts to slowly enlarge as I find and add terrific new blogs, or forgotten old favorites. After a while it's unmanageable again, and I remove half or a third and the cycle begins again.

So, I'm very dismayed to have re-discovered futurist (and WorldChanging co-founder) Jamais Cascio's blog Open the Future this weekend. So interesting—see if you don't become instantly addicted.

And, thanks to Waterboro Public Library Blog, I discovered a new one: Blogging for a Good Book, a blog by the Williamsburg Regional Library that features a book review a day. You can browse past entries by the categories listed in the sidebar and—how smart is this?—at the end of each book review, there is a link to the WRL catalog entry for that book. I've already added Edna Lewis's The Taste of Country Cooking to my Amazon wishlist.

Dear Everyone: Please stop creating compelling content. Much appreciated, thanks!

 [ 04.09.07 ]


My apologies, Rebecca. I will endeavor to become less interesting and readable in the future.

Or, as my profession would have it, The Future (tm).

Thank you for the lovely comments about Blogging for a Good Book! We can't promise to stop creating compelling content, but at least our posts are brief.

Rebecca, you might also like the Ann Arbor District Library's books blog:

there's an RSS feed for it, and it regularly features literary obituaries.



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