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.: May 2007 --> How the US press got it wrong - for the last 7 years

How the US press got it wrong - for the last 7 years

» Brad DeLong asks the question I've been asking for the last 8 years: What the hell has the US press been doing during the Bush presidency? As I've said here before, I really think the press has played a significant role in contributing to the mess we're in, by their consistent (and lazy) under-reporting of world and national events. Maybe nothing would be different today if they had done their jobs, but at least we would have been clear about what was happening as it transpired.

And as Brad very rightly points out, even now the press really is making excuses more than it's taking responsibility.

 [ 05.08.07 ]


Congress has not been watching either, thanks to the past six years of single-party government. A piece of law in the "USA PATRIOT Act" allowed bypass of Senate confirmations in the Department of Justice, thus making it easier and less costly in terms of publicy and inquiry to do some "management."

I think it took a Democratic Congress to get this other item into the open, complete with --perish the thought-- subpoenas, over in the Justice Department, essentially the unfolding of a story about direct Presidential control of the DOJ, secret email accounts bypassing the "Presidential Records Act" and yet another case of "changing the story as we go along."

See: "Dismissal of United States attorneys controversy"


i have been sitting in india for years wondering why america doesnt care in any meaningful way about iraq or bush, and now back in the bay area it is easy to see; life is good, we are busy making and consuming and creating and recreating, iraq is just something on the tv and we are all too busy and too content to really confront anyone in power about anything, nothing is wrong as long as whole foods has so many choices.... it is called complacency, and that should probably be in capital letters... and with no draft, it aint my problem... etc ... it isnt the press, it is everybody



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