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.: June 2007 --> The Music Industry Doesn't Seem to be Able to Sell CDs Anymore

The Music Industry Doesn't Seem to be Able to Sell CDs Anymore

» New Media I: Plunge in CD Sales Shakes Up Big Labels details the record industry's decline and is notable for two things:

  1. Paul McCartney is releasing his next CD on the Starbucks Label, and released the first video for the album on YouTube. Sir Paul's explanation: "It's a new world."
  2. This piece: "[Music executives] ... add that the labels squandered years on failed attempts to restrict digital music instead of converting more fans into paying consumers. "They were so slow to react, and let things get totally out of hand," said Russ Crupnick, a senior entertainment industry analyst at NPD, the research company. "They just missed the boat."

I (and many others) have been making that exact point for the last 8 years. Add to their shortsightedness, the music industry's well-earned reputation for completely reaming anyone (particularly artists) who doesn't have the clout to withstand them. As I said to my husband the other night, it's hard to have sympathy for anyone who's both stupid and evil.

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