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.: June 2007 --> The Richest People in America

The Richest People in America

» Nominees for the 2007 Richest People in America List—and they're not who you'd expect:

Shane Claiborne, Founder of the Simple Way. Shane lives among the poor in a Philadelphia suburb which has long since had its heyday. His group helps renovate homes for the poor, works with former homeless kids on after school arts and literacy programs, provides food and clothing for the area homeless, and he shares his faith with street people. All of this is done out of the home he shares with other Simple Way residents. The Simple Way has no paid staff or administrative costs. Each of the community members contribute part of the money that they raise through part time jobs. The group believes in relational tithing, with each contributing ten percent of their income to a common account to fund their work.

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I am the mayor of Browning Montana, which is located within the Blackfeet Indian reservation. I created a Community development corporation to provide and develop economic here. We have 50-75% unemployment rate. The town has only 35000.00 generated yearly from taxable land. We have a shortage of homes, very little small businesses and of those here the majority is owned by non-members. The corporation was created to solve these problems but without funding the corporation will fail this year. I would appreciate any type of help. Can you give any advise? We right grants but it appears native americans are not valued to be a culture or people that many foundations, grant agencies or people with liquid assets are willing to contribute to. The state of Montana is more willing to get rid of us or just forget about as is the United States. The money flowing from the national treasury appears to be only for war.
Again any type of help would be greatly appreciated.
William S. Morris Jr.



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