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.: July 2007 --> A brief history of Christian rock

A brief history of Christian rock

» A brief history of Christian rock, which is altogether stranger and more interesting than you ever could have imagined.

The All Saved Freak Band is a different kettle of fish—at once more powerful and more disturbing, and a reminder of how apocalyptic convictions, Christian or otherwise, can go sour. The band began when a drugged-out Chicago guitarist named Joe Markko moved to Ohio, where he met a fiery street pastor named Larry Hill.
Convinced that the Chinese and/or Russians were coming, Hill set himself up as patriarch of an isolated survivalist Christian commune, replete with guns and goats. When he performed, Hill wore a wide Amish hat and a priest's habit, and he sang to hector and convert. But the band didn't really gel until Hill and Markko were joined by Glenn Schwartz, an incendiary blues shromper who had played guitar for the James Gang but had publicly renounced commercial rock. Living collectively, the band made a handful of intense and very strange records, including the Tolkien-inspired folk-rock rarity "For Christians, Elves, and Lovers". In 1975, in response to Hill's authoritarian brutality, Schwartz's family attempted to kidnap and "deprogram" the guitarist. The attempt failed, and the band's third record was called Brainwashed.

You can listen to clips of ASFB's music on their website.

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Having been a fundamentalish Baptist church attending proto-teen in the late 60's/early 70s, I think any history of Christian Rock would be remiss without a mention of Larry Norman. He was playing rock with Christian lyrics back in the early 60s and is generally considered to be the "father of Christian Rock".



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