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.: July 2007 --> Interview with John T. Edge, author of Southern Belly

Interview with John T. Edge, author of Southern Belly

» Here's a man after my own heart: John T. Edge, author of Southern Belly: The Ultimate Food Lover's Companion to the South, (and four-time James Beard award nominee and finalist for the M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award). "Except for sex, eating is the most intimate activity we regularly engage in with others. [...] When we share food we share much of the same experience of the South. A lot divides us, but one of the reasons I'm so interested in food is that a shared love of okra can unite us too."

That's exactly why I love cooking so much. When I cook a meal with a history, I feel that I'm entering into the time and culture of the people who first created that food. After reading this interview, all I want to do is take a roadtrip through the South with this book in hand.

 [ 07.17.07 ]


Excuse me if I am being dense, but I can't for the life of me find the link to the actual interview... Amazon link,yes...archive link,yes...but no interview. Or is that short extract the full interview?

Sorry for being negative, but the thought of Southern food ( not much of that in West Wales) has got me all edgy!


No, that's me being dense - thanks for the note. The interview link is the first one in the entry now. :)



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