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.: July 2007 --> Who is IM Street, and why is it in my AIM Buddy List?

Who is IM Street, and why is it in my AIM Buddy List?

» Oh goodie! As of this morning, I have a new instant messaging buddy: IM Street. AOL please give me a way to opt out of your advertising deals.
 [ 07.23.07 ]


Just delete the bot group and you no longer will get bots on your buddy list. Would be a lot easier and simpler that complaining about it...

That's a great idea for those who are using AIM. I'm using iChat, and I don't see groups at all.

I came across your post as I was looking for the same answer. I also use iChat -- I can't see a groups option either, and would love a way to opt out.
I caved to the curiousity and got this message (After getting to your post, but before checking the link...):
We're busy getting the Stock Market to keep up with us. Check back shortly.

So...AIM thinks that all of its users are concerned with watching the stock market, enough so to add his feature immediately, even though it doesn't work? Terrific. But laughable, at least.
If you find out a way to opt out with iChat (as it's done this before)...could you let me know?

Good luck. :)


Assuming you have the latest version of iChat... In order to remove groups, open the application, click on your buddy list and open the menu "View" at the top of the screen. From there, click on "Use Groups" and groups will become visible and you can delete them. Afterwards, you can disable the groups.

I just got that added to my account as well - got here by looking for what it was, as I wasn't sure if a friend had renamed or what.

How annoying - wasted more time than any piece of spam I've ever received. :P

Thanks for blogging it.



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