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November 2007

» Fast Company: Johnathan Goodwin can get 100 mpg out of a Lincoln Continental, cut emissions by 80%, and double the horsepower. Does the car business have the guts to follow him?

The numbers are simple: With a $5,000 bolt-on kit he co-engineered--the poor man's version of a Goodwin conversion--[Goodwin] can immediately transform any diesel vehicle to burn 50% less fuel and produce 80% fewer emissions. On a full-size gas-guzzler, he figures the kit earns its money back in about a year--or, on a regular car, two--while hitting an emissions target from the outset that's more stringent than any regulation we're likely to see in our lifetime. [...]
As he points out, his conversions consist almost entirely of taking stock GM parts and snapping them together in clever new ways. "They could do all this stuff if they wanted to," he tells me, slapping on a visor and hunching over an arc welder. "The technology has been there forever. They make 90% of the components I use."

Just awesome. You know you want a 600 horsepower 60 mpg biodiesel electric-hybrid Humvee. (thanks, Andrew!)  [ 11.01.07 ]

» I think you'll be just as excited as I am about Maki's new site: Just Bento. She'll be focusing on bento you can make in 20-30 minutes.  [ 11.02.07 ]

» Oh, wow: A map of people per doctor. (via br) / (2) Comments / [ 11.05.07 ]

» Incredible. I just will never be this clever. (via br) / (1) Comments / [ 11.07.07 ]

» For those of you who will be in the Bay Area this Sunday, November 11, Book Passage is hosting an evening with Laura Schenone (author of the wonderful James Beard award winner A Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove) in honor of her new book, The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken. She will talk about ravioli, Farina's chef will do a demo, and then everyone will eat ravioli. Looks like fun.  [ 11.08.07 ]

» Richard Rubin reflects on the last living soldier the US sent to France—his life, his service, and what it will mean when he dies. His last paragraph captures something I've been thinking about recently, what we lose of an era when the individuals who lived through it die.  [ 11.12.07 ]

» Word.  [ 11.19.07 ]

» Posting has been and will be slow through this holiday season. Nothing's wrong—I'm just spending more time offline than on, and as a result don't have much to share on the site. I plan to spend some time early next year repairing the site (you must have noticed that the sidebar is broken), but until then, I'm spending lots of time in the real world instead.  [ 11.27.07 ]



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