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.: March 2008 --> Book Lamp - beta book recommender

Book Lamp - beta book recommender

» Book Lamp is a technology demonstration of an experimental book recommender that aims to allow users to ask for recommendations that are customized to their particular likes ("Show me a book like 'The Fellowship of the Rings', but with a lot less description").

So far, Book Lamp's database seems to consist mostly (or exclusively) of science fiction and fantasy authors—there is no Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, but they do list L. Ron Hubbard and James Doohan. And the functionality is slight.

But if you are a librarian or booklover, you might want to jump in and help the developers decide which direction they should go with the project. If you're an author or publisher, you might be interested in their plans to use their technology to match manuscripts with publishing houses. And if you're a Web developer, you might be interested in the ways this contextual analysis might be applied to Web pages. (via lh)

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