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.: May 2008 --> Rapture Ready: The Fascinating Mirror World of Christian Pop Culture

Rapture Ready: The Fascinating Mirror World of Christian Pop Culture

» Don't miss Slate's fascinating review of Daniel Radosh's new book, Rapture Ready!, an exploration of the strange contradictions of the world of Christian pop culture.

The entertainers in Radosh's book complain about watchdog groups that count the number of times a song mentions Jesus or about the lockstep political agenda a Christian audience expects. They complain about promoting an "adolescent theology" of Christian rock, as one calls it, where they "just can't get over how darned cool it was that Jesus sacrificed himself." In his interview with Radosh, [Mark Allan Powell, a professor who teaches a class on contemporary Christian music at Trinity Lutheran Seminary,] pulled out an imitation of a 1982 New Wave pop song with the lyrics; "You'll have to excuse us/ We're in love with Jesus." This, he explained, was the equivalent of a black-velvet painting of Elvis. Only it's more offensive, because it's asking the listener to base his whole life around an insipid message and terrible quality music.

Bonus factoid: a Christian version of Punk'd, called Prank 3:16.

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