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.: May 2009 --> Videogames as a Reader's Advisor tool

Videogames as a Reader's Advisor tool

» Librarians are trained to make recommendations based on patrons' favorite books and films. Why not use their taste in videogames as well? One librarian offers tips on how to do just that.

If a gamer came to you 30 years ago raving about Pong, you may have been hard pressed to find a corollary in literature. Today's video games, on the other hand, are multifaceted experiences that feature cinematic visuals, well-defined characters, challenging puzzles, and a plot that is easy to delineate. We already use these criteria to recommend books and movies to patrons. Video games are just another medium that we can utilize in the same way by identifying characters, plot, and genre. For example, you could recommend the book Storm Thief (Orchard, 2006) to fans of the role-playing game Fallout 3 as long as you know that the game is set in post-apocalyptic Washington, DC.

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