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.: June 2009 --> Summer Reading - 06/08/09

Summer Reading - 06/08/09

» This week's installment of summer reading suggestions. Click the link in the right sidebar for the entire list.

For Adults:
NPR: Celebrating Summer By Opening The Books
NPR: Books Reveal Theater's Behind-The-Scenes Secrets
NYT: Summer Cookbooks
NYT: Gardening Books
NYT: Travel Books
NYT: Visuals: Cover to Cover
NY Magazine: What to read this summer
NYT Magazine: A Summer Reading List for Parents
Boston Herald: Hub notables share their summer reading picks
What's On Your Summer Reading List? Lists of children's and young adult authors and illustrators
Salon: Summer reading: Killer thrillers
Salon: Authors recommend great summer reading Neil Gaiman and others, although the recs are annoyingly in video, not text
Salon: Chick lit
Salon: True confessions
Finding pleasure in summer reading with fiction, fun Corvallis booksellers' recommendations
Musical Cheers A music-themed summer reading list
Superstar librarian Nancy Pearl's 2009 Summer reading list
Lake County News-Sun: Summer reading preview
Early Summer Cocktail Book Reading List books about bartending
Bill O'Reilly: More summer reading choices
Cal State San Marcos' Creative Writing Community: Summer reading list
Amazon: Summer Reading List
AskMen: Top 5: 2009 Summer Reading Picks For Guys
Charlie Gibson's Summer Reading Recommendations
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Summer books: Paperbooks for sizzling, mesmerizing reading
Relevant: Summer Reading Guide
USA Today: 2009 Summer Books
Ottawa Citizen: Great summer reading Alice Munro goes kinky, Canada's youngest multiple killer, and much more
Daily Herald: Summer reading: Feeds your soul, sparks a laugh, or maybe tears
Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Hot summer of reading
U.S. Army Center of Military History Recommended Professional Reading List
QSR: Summer Reading List suggestions for restaurant operators
The New Criterion: Summer reading
Zenpundit: Summer Reading List
Examiner: Summer reading
OMG Girl: Summer reading list
Between Two Worlds: Mohler's Summer Reading Recommendations
Apologetics 315: 3 Apologetics Books for Summer Reading
Oncofertility Consortium: Summer Reading List: Global Perspectives on Reproduction

For Children and Young adults:
Examiner: Baltimore County summer reading lists for high schoolers
The Herald Bulletin: At the Library: Summer reading for children
Florida Department of Education Summer Reading List for Families
Tri-Cities Prep: High School Summer Reading List

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