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.: June 2009 --> Summer Reading 2009 - 06/15/09

Summer Reading 2009 - 06/15/09

» This week's installment of summer reading lists is long and diverse, including everything from Oprah's recommendations, several library lists, books on design, current events, African-American religious history, barbequeing, and more.

For Adults:
NPR: Independent Booksellers Pick Summer's Best Reads
NYT: The Girls of Summer

When a woman writes a book that has anything to do with feelings or relationships, it's either called chick lit or women's fiction, right? But look at Updike, or Irving. Imagine if they'd been women. Just imagine. Someone would have slapped a pink cover onto 'Rabbit at Rest,' and poof, there goes the ... Pulitzer." - The Commencement

British Fantasy Awards Shortlist
Australian Book Industry Awards 2009 Shortlists
Oprah's 2009 Summer Reading List: 25 Books You Can't Put Down
The Daily Camera: Your summer reading list
Salon: Summer Reading: True Confessions
LA Times 60 New Books to Read This Summer
The Providence Journal: Cool titles for some hot summer reading Hot summer reading: New barbecue books
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Read it: Cool books for a hot Lone Star summer
Chicago Tribune: 33 hot reads for the summer
Houston Chronicle: Hot titles available for summer reading
The Wichita Eagle: Summer reading list Stay cool and delve into a good book this summer>
Foreign Affairs: What to Read on Pakistani Politics
KBUR: Summer Reads '09
Seattle Public Library: Summer reading suggestions
Seattle Public Library: Viewing History through a New Lens history from a fresh angle
Reader's Advisor: The Date's the Thing: Histories of Time Periods I might add A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century and perhaps The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914, both by Barbara W. Tuchman, (and neither of which I have read)
Nonfiction for your summer reading list Book recommendations from the Beaufort County Public Library
The Sister Project: Sister-themed summer reading
Sisterpedia: Sister-themed fiction
Sisterpedia: Sister-themed nonfiction
Claiming Sisterhood: Women's rights and feminism summer reading list
Author Jen Lancaster's Summer Beach Reading List
East of Midnight: The Long, Hot Summer Reading List African-American religious history and writing
Daily Beast: 5 Hot Summer Thrillers
Design Observer: Books Received: Summer 2009
The Chicago Blog: A Frank Lloyd Wright Reading List, On the Occasion of His Birthday My summer reading list for Barack Obama
Clastic Detritus: Summer Reading List
Reporting on a Revolution: Summer Reading List
Kenneth C. Davis: Summer Reading List With a Twist a historian's summer reading list with: a "water" theme
Flux Publisher Christian Valentiner's summer reading list

Children and Young Adults:
Simple Kids: The List - Children's Literature We Love! Babies & Toddlers through Upper Elementary and Beyond Recommended Reading Lists for All Ages (2 - 18)
Traverse City Area Public Schools: Elementary and High School reading and activity lists
Great green reads for kids: co-books to help your kids understand and care about the environment

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