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.: July 2009 --> Designing spaces to manipulate people's moods

Designing spaces to manipulate people's moods

» Fascinating: The Puzzle of Spaces That Soothe, a review of Healing Spaces by Esther M. Sternberg MD.

It is sobering to consider that among all the great minds who have explored these phenomena, Walt Disney was probably the most successful at the large-scale manipulation of the environment to soothe and cheer the brain. Even the scary rides at Disneyland -- Dr. Sternberg deconstructs the Pirates of the Caribbean ride from a scientist's perspective -- are carefully designed to click the brain's switches in all the right directions.
And so a new nursing home has a Disneyesque Main Street to calm the deteriorating neurons of its residents. Then it is only a small neurologic step to Lourdes in France, home of miracle cures, where a host of environmental cues may switch suitably prepared brains to a state of rapture, releasing a flood of potent neurochemical mediators that may well relieve suffering.

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