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.: January 2010 --> Robin Sloan on Stock and Flow

Robin Sloan on Stock and Flow

» Robin Sloane applies the lessons of economics to writing and making other art.

Flow is the feed. It's the posts and the tweets. It's the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that remind peo­ple that you exist.
Stock is the durable stuff. It's the con­tent you pro­duce that's as inter­est­ing in two months (or two years) as it is today. It's what peo­ple dis­cover via search. It's what spreads slowly but surely, build­ing fans over time.
I feel like flow is ascen­dant these days, for obvi­ous reasons - but we neglect stock at our own peril.

It's all true. After this page, the most popular parts of this site are my Zoom Teeth Whitening Caution (it hurts!) and Eating Organic on a Food Stamp Budget which, people tell me, they "read like a novel".

Robin may overestimate the rate of flow which is necessary to keep you on the radar, but she is absolutely correct in understanding that it is a necessary mix. (via @jayrosen_nyu)

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