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Thom Browne: Spring 2007

» Trust me on this one: this is your must-see link of the day. He seems to be going for the just-went-on-a-growth-spurt-and-maybe-a-little-bit-foofy-British-schoolboy-look. Don't you wonder what it costs? (via br(8) Comments  / [ 05/24/07 ]

Introduction to Permaculture

» Introduction to Permaculture.

 (2) Comments  / [ 05/21/07 ]

Diagrams of connections

» A collection of diagrams, including How the United States are connected to each other, a Hebrew Bible overview, Wall Street Scandals, and Star Wars. (via notm(1) Comments  / [ 04/16/07 ]

Ideal house design based on a nine-patch quilt

» Brett Holverstott's house plan based on a traditional quilt pattern. "The overall plan of the house is a nine patch. It is somewhat related to the cruciform designs of the Prairie Houses, and the cruciform-in-square designs of Kahn's commercial structures. The central living space is an introverted, double-height atrium, from which six of the eight service towers, all eight piers, and a massive fireplace are visible up their entire length."  [ 11/06/06 ]

Visualizing Meaning Project: Cornell

» "This project aims to identify examples of information graphics from popular culture or professional publications that have impacted individual scholars. It also aims to capture a cross-section of scholarly contemplation in image form across disciplines."

"All 1,943 Cornell Faculty were asked to respond to the following question: Of the many charts (graph, map, diagram, table and ‘other’) you have seen in your life, which has been the most important, remarkable, meaningful or valuable?."

I haven't gotten through all of them, but I found these to be especially notable, all for entirely different reasons:

I saw this figure as an undergraduate student...and was amazed how Whittaker was able to show all terrestrial vegetation on one 2-D figure knowing only temperature and precipitation. Joseph Yavitt, Natural Resources.
The Tree of Life.... Based on an analysis of rRNA sequences, this...tree...puts the evolution of all life in perspective. Dan Buckley, Crop and Soil Sciences.
One wouldn't ordinarily think of this image as a graph, but it presents a plausibility argument about how perception is done.... The question is: How do we perceive and understand the shape of objects around us. James's image tells us, in ways much easier than any experiment could, that texture gives us sufficient clues..... James Cutting, Psychology
Obesity trends among adults. Carol Devine, Nutritional Sciences.

Cornell community members are invited to share their submission at the Mann Library. (via s1a [ 10/14/06 ]

Iraq Culture Smart Card

» Slate explains the Iraq Culture Smart Card, a 16-panel breast-pocket sized card distributed to Marines to explain the local culture.  [ 08/07/06 ]

Reebee Garafolo's history of pop music chart

» As seen in Edward Tufte's Visual Explanations, Reebee Garofalo's hand-drawn Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music [Flash required], covering 1955 to 1978 and representing more than 700 artists and 30 styles of music. If that's too hard to read, you can you can try this reproduction of the pages on Tufte's site or zoom in on the the poster, which is available for purchase. (via rw [ 07/27/06 ]

Tesla Electric Car

» The Tesla is one hot electric car. Range: 250 miles. Fuel efficiency: 1 to 2 cents per mile. Top speed: more than 130 mph. Power: 0 to 60 in about four seconds. It runs on 6,831 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the same ones that power your laptop and the 4-door sedan could be available as early as 2008. (via fc(2) Comments  / [ 07/21/06 ]

Typography and the Aging Eye

» AIGA: Typography and the Aging Eye: Typeface Legibility for Older Viewers with Vision Problems (1) Comments  / [ 06/14/06 ]

An Interaction Design Summer Reading List

» An Interaction Design Summer Reading List by Dan Saffer, Senior Interaction Designer at Adaptive Path and author of the upcoming Designing For Interaction. No books here, just a list of PDFs.  [ 06/09/06 ]

The deep structures of writing systems

» After pooling the features from 100 different writing systems, including alphabets, abjads, abugidas, and syllabaries, scientists have concluded that all of them are based on shapes derived from the natural world, chosen because we are hard-wired to recognize them.  [ 04/28/06 ]

Jane Jacobs, RIP

» Iconic urban activist Jane Jacobs is dead.  (1) Comments  / [ 04/26/06 ]

Muzak transforms into audio Experience Design

» Muzak has turned from creating "Stimulus Progression programming" designed to enhance employee performance to creating audio soundscapes that reinforce branding. "Take Armani Exchange. Shoppers there are looking for clothes that are hip and chic and cool. They’re twenty-five to thirty-five years old, and they want something to wear to a party or a club, and as they shop they want to feel like they’re already there. [...] For Ann Taylor, you do something completely different." Dana McKelvey, Muzak audio architect.  [ 04/13/06 ]

Building a Better Anti-War Machine

» Former Chief UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq Scott Ritter on designing for success: The Art of War for the Anti-War movement. "It is high time for the anti-war movement to take a collective look in the mirror, and be honest about what they see. A poorly organized, chaotic, and indeed often anarchic conglomeration of egos, pet projects and idealism that barely constitutes a 'movement,' let alone a winning cause. [...] In order to even have a chance of prevailing with the American people, the anti-war movement is going to need much more than just good ideals and values. It needs to start thinking like a warrior would, in full recognition that we as a nation are engaged in a life-or-death struggle of competing ideologies with those who promote war as an American value and virtue." (via rc3oi [ 04/07/06 ]

Hide it not under a bushel.

» How shall we rebuild New Orleans? With hills(3) Comments  / [ 04/05/06 ]

Long-distance lovers' glasses

» Researchers at MIT have created wireless wine glasses for long-distance lovers. "When either person picks up a glass, red light-emitting diodes glow on their partner's glass. When one puts a glass to their lips, the other glass glows brightly."  (1) Comments  / [ 03/20/06 ]

Blog recommendation: Inhabitat

» Inhabitat, by the way, is the best blog I've found in some time, focused on news and products for the green design aficionado.  [ 03/14/06 ]



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